The most popular three scenery spots in Miyako Island. 

A paradise at the other side of Irabu Great Bridge.


When you visit Miyako Island, do not forget to cross the Irabu Great Bridge to see the maganificent "Ryuu-Guu" (palace of dragon) scenery in the ocean. With the length of 3,540 m and a S shape, the Irabu Great Bridge looks just like a dragon.


At Irabu Island and Shimoji Island, the tour held by Eco Guide Cafe, which has won Award of Eco Tourism by the Ministry of Environment, is now a hit.

From Miyako Island to Irabu Island & Shimoji Island

❶It takes only 5 minutes to arrive Sarahama habor after crossing the Irabu Great Bridge. It takes only 5 minutes to go to the Irabu Island Blure Grotto from the harbor, and you can have fun enjoying snorkeling, free diving, and discover diving.

❷ Turn left after passing the Irabu Great Bridge and drive for anothe 10 minutes, you can reach to Shimoji Island. The Kyafa Beach is like a top-classed natural aquarium, and you can enjoy discover diving, dolphin swimming, and snorkeling & sea kayaking here.

❸Go north from the Kyafa Beach, for 5 minutes, you can reach to Shimoji Island Airport Lagoon, at which you can join the SUP school or SUP family school.

The Most Popular Scenery Spot in Miyako Island.

Blue Grotto(Irabu Island) ①Snorkeling、②Free Diving、③Scuba Diving。



Experience the grogeous Miyako Island Ocean by one-to-one diving method . Feel the zero gravity of diving at the entrance of Blue Grotto, enjoy the fishes in front of you. Swim into the narrow Blue Grotto entrance, you can see the Sweepers gathered. Continue swimming deeper and farther, you will feel you're living in a dark world. Look back, you will explore the glory sun shine at the cave entrance, and crystal-like blue light sprinkling in the sea. The "Blue Grotto" is named by this extremely beautiful scenery. 


【Blue Grotto】①Snorkeling Experience

Take the stable "Large Scale Low-Built Japanese Fishing Boat" at the port, will arrive the spot in five minutes. Distribute and teach how to use the gears on boat, will go snorkeling with the coach by 2 or 3 people a group. Let's go for the most popular scenery in Miyako Island, Blue Grotto!


【Blue Grotto】②Free Diving Experience

Get fimilar with water after the snorkeling tour, we can start the Free Diving Course. Go back to the boat first for taking the Free Diving safety instructor. Then practice Free Diving near the boat at deep of 2m and radius of 10m safe environment. After the practice, we can swim toward to the Blue Grotto.


【Blue Grotto】③Scuba Diving Experience

After the Snorkeling, we can start the one-to-one diving experience. While familiar with the zero gravity floating feeling, diving toward to the Blue Grotto. Swimming deeper and farther, you will feel you're living in a dark world. Look back, you will explore the glory sun shine at the cave entrance, and crystal-like blue light sprinkling in the sea. The "Blue Grotto" is named by this extremely beautiful scenery.


The 2nd Popular Scenery Spot in Miyako Island.

Shimoji Island Kyafa Beach (Natural Aquarium in Miyako Island)

Snorkeling, Dolphin Swim Experience, Slow Diving, Scuba Diving.


Kyafa Beach is the most representative premitive coast in Miyako Island, just like a natural aquarium. In this varied terrain, the in-reef is 7M depth. You can meet with hundreds of tropical fishes here. There are 6 kinds of clownfish around Japan, you can find 4 kinds of them in Kyafa Beach. Also, hundreds kinds of corals is living in this miracle coast. ECO Guide Café dedicate protecting this coast in Miyako Island in the past 20 years. The corals are sound growth here as usual. No feeding in this area, thus you can also observe the natural activity of the fishes here.


【Kyafa Beach】⑥Snorkeling & Sea Kayak

After learning the basic and the most safe ECO snorkeling method at the shoal, we can start the tour for finding 4 different kind of clownfishes. At the free time, you can keep snorkeling enjoy the hundreds of tropical fished and corals, or you can enjoy the sea kayak which can hod up to 3 adults. This is the classic tour in the past 20 years.


【Kyafa Beach】⑦Slow Diving

After the Snorkeling, we can start the Solw Diving Tour. You can breath with your nose and mouth, just like you are on the land without, your face getting wet. You can enjoy the tour swimming in the coral jungle, which is only in Miyako Island Natural Aquarium.


【Kyafa Beach】Scuba Diving

After the Snorkeling, we will start the Scuba Diving Experience. You can enjoy the perfect balance by the side-mount equipment. Experience the high-class neutral buoyancy while the coral is just close at hand. You will addict to it!


【Kyafa Beach】⑨Dolphin Swim Experience

After the Snokeling, we will start the class of Dolphin Swim. You will learn the basic skills when you swim with the dolphin. Start form the shoal, to the water depth of 2M, radius of 10M area, and final target is to learn the free diving skill that can arouse dolphin's interest.


The 3rd Popular Scenery Spot in Miyako Island.

Miyakojima・Sea Turtle・Photogenic・Tour




Won the ECO Tourism Special Award hosted by Ministry of Environment

The more tourists come, the more beautiful Miyako Island is.


To reduse the burdon that tourists bring to the environment, we follow the ISO14001 environment management specification. Execute the first carbon emissions control in ECO tourism business, and educate more than 3,000 coral friendly ECO snorkeler every year. After start using the Irabu Grate Bridge, we fulfill the "No Touch Manner", and aim to lower the burden that  tourists cause to the environment.

Besides, till few tears age, we remove at least 35,000 Crown of Thorns Starfishes every year, keep protecting the corals that growth in Irabu Island and Shimoji Island.

The breathtaking scenery in Shimoji Island Airport Largoon is always a hot spot for photo taking. No matter who, it's hard to resist this amazing view. Playing SUP on this miraculous wild whit send beach is another terrific experience.

The SUP teaching lesson is design for the beginner from zero. You can also play the SUP with your whole family. We are using the family size SUP which can sustain up to 210kg.


【Shimoji Island Airport Lagoon】④SUP School

If you want to try SUP, just come to Miyako Island! The SUP lesson design for the beginners.

First, we will have the SUP instroduciton on the beach, then start the standing practice at shoal. To get more efficiency for the practice, two participants share a SUP and take turns to rest.

When you can stand up on the SUP, we will start the practice for moving forward, turning or moving backward. After finishing the single-ride practice, then start the double-ride practice.

After all the practice above, it will be the free time, you can take turns to play SUP, or enjoy the SUP together. The SUP is equipped with safety rope, can prevent not to be washed away by the waves.


【Shimoji Island Airport Lagoon】⑤SUP Family School

Strat playing the SUP with your family! The whole family can share one SUP, your can enjoy the fun of playing the SUP with your family. The family size SUP can sustain up to 3 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children . Can be child sitting, adult rowing, but also, grandfather sitting, child boating. Enjoy different combination. The SUP is equipped with safety rope, can prevent not to be washed away by the waves.


Let's enjoy the absolute vacation experience at the deep area of Miyakojima


After crossing the Irabu Great Bridge, it looks just like another world. The coast of the deep part of Miyakojima is still well-preserved.


No Touch 5 manner


To protect the coral reefs of Miyakojima, please follow "No Touch 5 Manner", the eco-manner for passing on the beauty of coral reefs from generation to generation.


① Don't Stand. 在Don't stand on the Coral reef or on the seabed which coral larvae are attached to.

② Don't Walk. Coral larvae are attached to the seabed. Walking on the seabed will crash them.

③ Dont' Kick. Upright kicking in the water may hurt the Corals and cause the Corals be damaged. Please look down into the water by using mask, and bring the life jacket or other floating items.

④ Don't Touch. There are some dangerous creatures hiding in the ocean.

⑤ Don't Feed. Feeding the fish by human might interfere the eco system in the ocean.

Eco Guide

蔵野 宏大 (Kurano Koutai)

PADI instructor

Graduated form Dolphin Training Specialist College

猪澤 海 (Izawa Umi)

PADI instructor

Former Professional Baseball Player (Independent League)

☎︎ 0980-76-6660