【Miyakojima・Yabiji Charter Boat - Maximum 45 people】❶

"Miyakojima・Yabiji Charter Boat - Maximum 45 people" is a course like this:

Maximum 45 passengers・The large size Charter Boat

The best charter choice for Company Trip or Honeymoon.
B.B.Q. on the boat is a popular option.

The Charter Boat with guest room, even go to Yabiji is a piece of cake

The Fantasy Land "Yabiji" and Irabu Great Bridge, the view of Miyakojima from the ocean are all excellent. Fishing here will be a great experience.

Snorkeling at Yabiji via Charter Boat will be your best experience!

The Charter Boat is suitable for snorkeling or experience scuba diving at Coral Paradise "Yabiji" and the "Blue Cave".

Price for Charter Boat


Recommend for group tour, for example, employee tour or Honeymoon group.

Free bus transfer to Irabu Island.

Attendee Number, Tour Date, Tour Time, Tour Detail, to be discussed with our staff.


<Charter Price>

JPY 90,000 for 3 hours / 20 participants

JPY 3,000 for each additional participant




Option/Snorkeling, Fishing, Video filming



Snorkeling     JPY 3,000 for each participant(above 6 years old)

Experience Scuba Diving  JPY 10,000 for each participant/1 dive(above 10years old)

Fun Diving     JPY 10,000 for each participant/1 dive(need OW license or above)

Fishing Gear Kit   JPY 5,000 for 1 set

Video Filming・Drone Filming  To be discussed with our staff

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