Miyako Island Scuba Diving Experience Course

Miyako Island Diving Experience

The famous diving dive sites in Miyako Island are almost located in Irabu Island and Shimoji Island, Especially like Toriike, Maounokyuden. These amazing diving sites are located in Shimoji Island.


The Diving Experience Course in ECO Guide Cafe is ate the Kayafa Beach in Shimoji Island. There are Nakanoshima Channel and Nakanoshima hole at out leaf area, you can easily reach these diving site from the beach.


There other amazing diving spot is Blue Grotto. It takes only 5 minutes boat riding time from the port to the Blue Grotto. Even the customers who are easy to seasickness can join the trip. Experience the one-to-one Scuba Diving is the best diving experience you will ever have.


If you want to experience diving in Miyako Island, just come to the Natural Aquarium at Kayafa Beach in Shimoji Island

Diving in Miyako Island (Shimoji Island Kayafa Beach Scuba Diving)

The one-to-one diving experience in ECO Guide cafe, can let you experience the fun of diving just like a advanced diver can do. The corals past you just in 30 cm while you are swimming just like without gravity, what a wonderful experience!


Besides, the side-mount equipment method can help you to have the wonderful balance as a professional diver, no need to worry about the neutral buoyancy. 


From 10 to 80, you can enjoy the diving experience with 3 generations at Miyako Island, only in ECO Guide Cafe!


Diving in Miyako Island (Shimoji Island Kayafa Beach Slow Diving)

We are the only one that provide the Slow Diving course in the world. It is easier than snorkeling. From 8 to 80, 3 generations can enjoy the Miyako Natural Aquarium together.


The one-to-one Slow Diving, you can enjoy swimming in the sea casually.


The full faced mask won't make your face wet. Also, you can breath just like on the land with both your nose and mouth. Even the people who can't snorkeling can enjoy the fun of Slow Diving.

Miyako Island Boat Diving - Let's Go to the Amazing Blue Grotto!

Miyako Island Scuba Diving(Blue Grotto Scuba Diving)

Miyako Island Scuba Diving

Blue Grotto Scuba Diving Experience. You can experience scuba diving while enjoy the mysteries blue sparkling in the gorgeous Blue Grotto. If you have water proof camera, you can bring it and take photos during your diving course.


During the course, we will start from the snorkeling so that you can familiar with the water first. Then we will start the one-to-one Blue Grotto Diving Experience!


From 10 to 80, you can enjoy the Blue Grotto Scuba Diving with 3 generations!

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