Okinawa Miyako Island Freediving - Blue Grotto, Kayafa


If you want to quietly enter the underwater world and want to stay as long as your breath continues, "Freediving " is recommended. Join the PADI Freediving Program is the whole new way to enjoy the underwater world.


In the basic PADI Freediver course, you can learn the necessary knowledge and skills to enjoy the underwater world, with your breath hold. After that, you can continue training and challenge to more depths record with PADI Advanced Freediver, Master Freediver, Instructor Lever courses. 

PADI Freediver Standard

STANDRED Basic Freediver Freediver Advanced Freediver Master Freediver
Age Limit 12 15 15 18
Requirement -- --

Pass PADI Freediver

Examination or fulfill

the requirement

Pass PADI Freediver

Examination or fulfill

the requirement

Confined Water Session

At least 1 times

Over depth 6m / 20ft

At least 1 times

Over depth 6m / 20ft

At least 1 times

Over depth 6m / 20ft

At least 1 times

Over depth 10m / 30ft

Static Apena Goal

(Hold breath

without moving)

over 90sec over 90sec over 2min, 30sec
(2min for under 18)
over 3min, 30sec

Dynamic Apena Goal
(Hold breath with

horizontal swimming)

over 25m / 85ft over 25m / 85ft

over 50m / 165ft

(40m / 130ft for under 18)

over 70m / 230ft
Open Water Session --

At least 2 times

10 ~ 16m / 30 ~ 55ft

At least 2 times

16 ~ 24m / 55 ~ 80ft

(15m / 50ft for under 18)

At least 2 times

24 ~ 40m / 80 ~ 130ft

Contant Weight Goal -- over 10m / 30ft

over 25m / 65ft

(15m / 50ft for under 18)

over 27m / 90ft

Okinawa Freediving

Ryuzo Shinomiya is the only Professional Freediver in Japan, attending several International competition.

Organizing the freediving school and competitions in Okinawa.

"ONE OCEAN ~ There is only one ocean" as his own demands, is currently planing a variety of activities to promote the concept of ocean protection.



Miyako Island Freediving

If talked about Freediving in Miyako Island, you must come to ECO Guide Cafe! It is the new target for ECO Guide Cafe this year, we would like to healing the tourists in Miyako Island with safe and healthy freediving program!


We are planning the Freediving fun dive tour at the Grotto and Promontory in Irabu Island. Thus, there are four of our staffs training for getting Freediving Instructor License.


We have the two different freediving course now, "Freediving in Blue Grotto" and "Dolphin Swim in Miyako Island".


Blue Grotto Freediving

Blue Grotto Freediving Experience (Snorkeling + Freediving Training)


Free diving into the Blue Grotto. you can enjoy the mysterious glory when you are freediving. Of course, you can bring your water proof camera for taking photo or video.


First, we will snorkeling into the Blue Grotto, then practice the freediving near the boat, till you can dive into the water depth for 2m and radius for 10m.


The condition for participant is over 10 years old, or you have experience for Freediving depth for 2m. It is OK if you don't have any experience for Freediving, but if you can not pass the training target, you may not be able to freediving in to the Blue Grotto.

Kayafa Beach Dolphin Swim

Kayafa Beach Dolphin Swim Experience ( Snorkeling + Dolphin Swim)

You can enjoy the beach that keeps the original style. You can meet hundreds kinds of Corals and Tropical Fishes. You can learn the difference between the Tomato Clownfish, Common Clownfish, Orange Skunk Clownfish and Yellow Tail Clownfish. Also, you can learn the "No Touch" manner for Divers.

After the snorkeling, you can learn the skill of dolphin swim. Practice how to dicsover dolphin and free diving into the sea to swim with the dolphins. You will be taught carefully by the coaches who graduated form Dolphin Training Specialist College.

Eco Guide

蔵野 宏大 (Kurano Koutai)

PADI Diving Instructor

Graduated form Dolphin Training Specialist College

猪澤 海 (Izawa Umi)

PADI Diving Instructor

Former Professional Baseball Player (Independent League)

☎︎ 0980-76-6660