【Miyakojima Natural Aquarium

Shimojijima Kayafa Beach・Beach Tour






<Course Introduction>

From 8 to 80, the diving experience for 3 generations.The amazing quantity of repeated customers. The high popularity diving experience that you can have the same experience with your grandchildren. Even the people that afraid water can enjoy the diving experience. The full faced mask that keep your face from getting wet. You can breath just like you are on the land.



<Special of Kayafa>

The cosat that keeps the original style. You can meet hundred kinds of corals and tropicals at this unique coast. During the snorkeling tour, you can learn how to distinguish the difference form Common Clownfish, Tomato Clownfish, Yellow Tail Clownfish and Orange Skunk Clownfish. You can also learn about the "No Touch" manner for divers.

★Say Hello with 4 different kinds of clownfish at Kayafa Beach♪

★Meet with hundred kinds of Corals at Kayafa Beach!♪

★Top Class snorkeling spot in the world♪

★Corals friendly ECO snorkeling♪

<Touching Point>

★From 8 to 80, the diving experience for 3 generations♪

★Full faced mask keep your face form getting wet! Can breath just like you are on the land♪

★The impressive one-to-one Kayafa Diving experience♪

★The side-mount equipment method that impressed professional divers. (World First)♪



・Experience Slow Diving JPY 8,400/30 mins for each participant
・Experience Scuba Diving JPY 8,400円/30 mins for each participant

*The「Ecperience Diving」Course above and the 「Snorkeling」Course can be a set as JPY 12,800円(JPY 1000 discount)

・Snorkeling JPY 5,400円/2〜4 mins for each participant
・Snorkeling & Kayak JPY 6,300円/2〜4 mins for each participant

・Snorkeling Equipment Rental JPY 2,500(need reserve in advance) 


【The following fees are included】

Fare (equipment, tour fee), free tea, insurance
*The Snorkeling Equipment fee only includes the equipment rental fee.


【Content need to be prepare by customers】

Pre-ware swimming suit, bath towels, beach shoes, sunscreen and so on


【Pre cautions】

Course Apply Limited: Primary school student or above


【Miyakojima・Southern Coast Waiwai Beach・Sea Turtle

Southern Coast Sea Turtle・Beach Tour

<Activity Spot>

・Southern Coast Waiwai Beach East Side

<Tour Course>


・Snorkeling Class 

・Sea Turtle Snorkeling(ECO Guide)
・Photogenic photos and videos(with Sea turtle)
・Recovering Coral observation

・Photo, Video confirmation


・Snrokeling JPY 7,500/2 hours(with lecture)
・Skindiving JPY 9,500/2 hours(教室あり)

<The following fees are included>

・Fare (equipment, tour fee)

・Free tea


<Content need to be prepare by customers>

・Pre-ware swimming suit

・Bath towels

・Beach shoes


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