Shimoji Island 【Airport Lagoon】

SUP School

① 11:15 ②13:30


<Course Introduction>

If you want to play SUP (Stand-Up Paddle), just come to Miyako Island! We have the SUP Lessons that designed for beginners.

We will have the SUP introduction at beach first, then start the standing practice at shoal. Two participants share one SUP and take turns to rest, which can make the practice more efficiency.

When you can stand on the SUP, we will start the practice of moving forward, turning or moving backward. After finishing the single-ride practice, then start the double-ride practice.

Final is the free time, you can take turns, or play the SUP together to enjoy the interest of the SUP. The SUP is equipped with safety rope, can prevent not to be washed away by the waves.


<Touching Point>

The safety lessons for the beginners

The family SUP can sustain up to 3 adults

The beautiful lagoon scenery

Photo service

Free hot tea

Safety first staff



For each participant

¥4,500 / 1 hour

*Two participants share one SUP


【The following fee are included】

Fare (equipment, tour fee), free tea, insurance


【Content need to be prepared by customers】

Pre-ware swimming suit, bath towels, beach shoes, sunscreen and so on

【Option Gear】

Marin Shoes: ¥200 / 1 hour


Course Apply Limited: Junior high school student or above

There is no toilet, bathroom, locker.

Eco Guide

蔵野 宏大 (Kurano Koutai)

PADI Diving Instructor

Graduated form Dolphin Training Specialist College

猪澤 海 (Izawa Umi)

PADI Diving Instructor

Former Professional Baseball Player (Independent League)

☎︎ 0980-76-6660